Crafting and commercializing better cannabis products.

A federally-licensed cannabis and hemp processing, R&D, and final product manufacuring company in Niagara Falls, ON.

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We employ leading methodologies for cannabinoid extraction, purification and isolation.

We create formulations which improve how cannabinoids are delivered to and absorbed by the body – these formulations serve as the foundation for our in-house brands.

Our brands embody our passion, knowledge, and core capabilities. Our products are designed to provide consumers with a clean, safe, and reliable experience, regardless of why or how they choose to use cannabis.


Consumers of cannabis-infused products should know what effects to expect, and when to expect them. This is why we focus on developing unique products that create desirable experiences and sensations, whether it be energy, euphoria, or relaxation.


Cannabis naturally produces hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes, many of which are pharmacologically active.  We strive to unlock their potential, relentlessly working on formulations designed to treat conditions such as anxiety, pain and depression.

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Launching Q2, 2023


Quality, purity and safety are at the core of our production process.

We source cannabis and hemp from select LPs and extract botanical oils using cold ethanol. We then refine the oils, and isolate the cannabinoids they contain for use in R&D and final product manufacturing.

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Each strain is carefully selected from Canadian LPs based on its cannabinoid and terpene profile, vetted by our scientists to ensure quality and safety, and tested by a certified lab for potency, contaminants, and impurities.



We use cold ethanol in our extraction process. Our extraction protocols allow us to achieve high yields, while precisely controlling what we extract and what we leave behind.



Each batch of raw cannabis oil is winterized (chilled) to filter out unwanted plant components. Winterization removes impurities while increasing stability and shelf life.



Molecular distillation separates cannabinoid molecules from other ingredients to produce pure concentrates.  Our distillates have no residues or impurities in the end product, with potency of up to 95%. 



Isolation is the process of producing pure compounds from complex mixtures. We use crystallization to manufacture solid CBD and CBG powders. Ideally suited for final product manufacturing, our isolates contain >98% cannabinoids.


CBN Production

Cannabinol (CBN) is a powerful but rare phytocannabinoid - cannabis flower has only trace amounts of it. At Purileaf, CBN is produced using unique isolation and conversion protocols. The result is pure, cannabis-derived 98%+ CBN isolate.



We use our patent-pending process to produce stable, dry concentrates and aqueous emulsions suitable for infusing a wide range of drinks and edible products.

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We share our expertise with the global cannabis industry.

We work closely with our clients to offer customized solutions for their downstream processing needs.



We know what it takes to manufacture precisely formulated cannabis products. For LPs looking for the purest cannabinoid extracts to be used as inputs in their manufacturing process, we offer the following isolates and distillates at highly competitive prices. MOQs are 1kg per product type.

  • CBD Isolates (99%+)
  • CBG Isolates (98%+)
  • CBN Isolates (98%+)
  • THC Distillates (85%+)

Contract Processing

For LPs wishing to process their supply or purchase bulk product, we produce a wide range of extracts – from whole plant and winterized crude, to highly-specialized concentrates, distillates, and isolates. We can also create the optimal formulation based on your downstream production needs. We provide services to fine-tune your final product based on:

  • Cannabinoid Content
    [THC, CBD, CBG & CBN Ratios]
  • Concentration
    [Dilution in MCT or Other Carrier]
  • Terpene Profile
    [Taste & Smell]

The power of purity.

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