July 20, 2020

Purileaf adds processing capabilities and breaks ground on expansion of its licensed facility.


Purileaf recently expanded its processing capabilities to include extraction using cold ethanol.  Purileaf’s new extraction line is capable of processing up to 200 kilograms of input biomass per day, ideal for the quick and cost-effective conversion of hemp into CBD distillates and isolates.  Bulk derivatives obtained from cold ethanol extraction will serve as input ingredients for the manufacture and distribution of premium, CBD-based products domestically and internationally.  Purileaf’s processing methodologies continue to be premised on an uncompromising commitment to final product quality and safety.

In anticipation of further increases in demand for cannabis derivatives and formulations in the adult-use Canadian market and abroad, Purileaf has broken ground on expansion of its existing facility.  The new, 23,000 sqft facility will feature R&D and product formulation areas, a full analytical testing lab, and GMP manufacturing lines.  This expansion will allow Purileaf to scale the development and manufacture of advanced, cannabinoid-containing products and formulations.


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