April 30, 2019

Purileaf launches applications for Analytical Testing and R&D licenses.


Analytical Testing and R&D license applications have been submitted for Purileaf’s Niagara Falls facility.  Subject to regulatory approvals, Purileaf expects to obtain both licenses as early as Q1, 2020.  

Once issued, the Analytical Testing license will significantly supplement Purileaf’s contract processing division by allowing the majority of analytical testing to be done in-house.   Additionally, the license will permit Purileaf to possess, sell and transport cannabis oil abroad, accelerating its speed to international markets and generating greater revenue.  

Purileaf’s laboratory will also be used for formulation and research.  Purileaf’s R&D license will allow Purileaf to continue focusing on the development and commercialization of IP, which it will leverage to obtain a competitive advantage in the medicinal and recreational market as well as provide its customers with products of exceptional quality and value.  Purileaf’s R&D philosophy is centred around developing a pipeline of technologies and formulations that will allow users to experience the full array of effects produced by cannabinoids while ensuring safety and efficacy.  


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